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October 7, 2005

07. Evolution of my Art

f5.6 1/80 sec

The evolution of my art...

I spent a little bit of time yesterday looking around at other people's photo websites. Not necessarily their design, because that is a very hard obstacle to overcome, but the photos themselves. I would estimate I looked at between 75 and 100 different sites (courtesy of the photoblogs.org randomizer) and I was really disappointed. There were really only two that grabbed my interest, and then only one with an RSS feed (that let's me see updates to the site without having to visit it... bookmarks/favourites do not get viewed as often for me).


I realize that photography is a visual art form and as such, is subject to emotional review, and by all means it should. My images, and those of others should cause some emotional disturbance, whether good or bad. If it causes nothing, than the image has failed for you. That is not to say it will fail for everyone. But as I browsed other sites yesterday, and felt nothing, that those images failed for me, it made me wonder how often my images fail for other people.

I know sometimes I view shots I posted months back and feel I could have done better, but I am always my worst critic. I just hope that these shots do evoke an emotional response from those who see them, at least most of the time, and they are simply not just a personal exercise to force me to shoot more often... which of course was the reason I started this to begin with.

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Your comment today struck a chord. I go through the same thing, probably most do. My slight variation on it is "Why do I shoot" - if I can answer "why" I can usually judge the technical and emotional success of the image more astutely and grow from it.
Your image today is a departure, and it's stunning.

Posted by: Randy at October 7, 2005 10:55 PM

Thanks Randy. I want to explore some more high contrast and monochrome images, work with form and texture more, colour less.

For me, it's never an issue to judge my technical success, that is easy. Emotional success is harder though, and it changes. What may have been a success three weeks ago may not be today.

Art... figures.

Posted by: Chris Empey at October 8, 2005 3:40 PM

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