January 2, 2008

02. Winter Wonderland


John and I were out first thing yesterday morning. While we had only a mild dusting of snow when we left, we soon ran into very poor driving conditions so headed back to Niagara Falls. We ended up shooting at the School of Horticulture.

On another note, I am in the processing of updating this website to correspond with the design of my professional website, http://www.ChrisEmpey.com.

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November 9, 2007

09. Fallsview Casino


Here is another photo from my recent shoot with Dave at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. Like yesterday's photo showing the Casino Hotel, this also features the architecture of the hotel in a more abstract way.

This strength in this photo comes from the lines of the parking complex and the hotel, as well as the interior lights of the hotel and the reflections of the casino sign and decorative lights on the parking structure.

The Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (pictured here) is one of the hotels participating in the annual Sleep Cheap Charities Reap campaign run by local Niagara Falls hotels to help give back to the community. This year 25 hotels are participating. They offer hotel rooms at very low prices to local residents with a majority of the proceeds going to local charities. It is a win-win for everyone. Residents get to stay in a local hotel, some with a waterpark, or jacuzzi suite for very affordable rates. Charities reap the benefits and local hotels also get the benefit of introducing their services to local residents.

Some of the other hotels participating:
Americana Conference Center (Waterpark)
Brock Plaza Hotel (Water park)
Comfort Inn Clifton Hill
Embassy Suites
Great Wolf Lodge
Hilton (across from the Casino)
Holiday Inn by the Falls
Sterling Inn and Spa

For other photographs from around Niagara Falls, have a look at the Niagara Falls category of photos.

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November 8, 2007

08. Geometric Illumination


Dave and I went out last night to catch up, have a drink or two, and get some much needed shooting in.

We choose to go the Fallsview Casino here in Niagara Falls. We have shot there before and wanted to try something different from our last shoot there. We drove up to the 9th level of the parking garage, then walked up to the tenth. This level was closed so we had a completely empty floor to work on.

I don't generally think of this casino as being architecturally significant though from this location there are a lot of angles working with each other. I don't believe this photo would have worked as well in the daytime as the lights on the casino building add splashes of reflected light as well as direct light from the casino hotel hallways.

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July 25, 2007

25. Fireworks Over Niagara Falls #2


This is the second in a series of fireworks photos launched over Niagara Falls.

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July 24, 2007

24. Fireworks Over Niagara Falls #1


Niagara Falls celebrated the 40th anniversary of Pizza Pizza last week with a 1/2 hour long fireworks festival over Niagara Falls. There were a lot of fireworks, but not the wide variety I had expected having watched some long shows before. They were certainly better than the regular Friday night fireworks held over Niagara Falls throughout the summer months though

We don't go down to watch them very often though we can hear them from our house every night they go off.

I have been working on putting up a gallery of shots from that night. It is working in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer yet. When it is, I will publish a link to it.

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May 6, 2007

06. Dave


This portrait of Dave was shot last week. While practicing my multi light setup on a rock, Dave was gracious enough to offer himself as a model and let me get a bunch of practice shots of him. we were at the Upper Niagara River where this photo of the Niagara Falls skyline was taken as the light was going down.

Previous photos of Dave on this photo blog:
Nov 10, 2006
Aug 26, 2006
April 2, 2006
Jan 7, 2006

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May 5, 2007

05. Cars on the Niagara Parkway


A foggy evening last week gave me the opportunity to capture some car taillights in the fog as they travelled down the Niagara Parkway.

Because of it's proximity to Niagara Falls, these types of shots can be pretty hard to get during the summer when tourists flock to Niagara Falls to view the falls, visit the casino's and take in the some of the attractions like Marineland, Clifton Hill and some of the numerous wax museums.

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May 4, 2007

04. Niagara Falls Skyline


Niagara Falls skyline photographed from the upper Niagara River.

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May 3, 2007

03. NIagara At Night


Niagara Falls skyline at night. Visible in this photo is the Skylon Tower, Fallsview Casino and some of the other Niagara Falls hotels.

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May 2, 2007

02. Maid of the Mist Plaza


The Maid of the Mist Plaza at Night.

On a recent shoot with the Niagara Falls Camera Club, I took this photo of the Maid of the Mist Plaza. In the photo you can see the bottom of Clifton Hill, the Rainbow Bridge and the Niagara Parkway including light trails of passing cars.

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May 1, 2007

01. A Perilous View


This photo shows the only remaining covered lookout along the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls, Canada. I don't know how many there were, but I believe that at one point in time there were more of them.

Fog fills the Niagara Gorge obscuring the view of Niagara Falls that is normally available from this vantage point of the Maid of the Mist plaze.

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April 1, 2007

01. Gargoyle


A gargoyle at Oak Hall in Niagara Falls

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March 31, 2007

31. Oak Hall Under Moonlight


This is a photo of Oak Hall with the moon in the background. Oak hall was once the home of Sir Harry Oakes and in located just above Niagara Falls.

This large mansion is now home of the Niagara Parks Commision which manages the park area near the Niagara Falls, and also a fun little 9 hole, par three golf course.

Across the street is Marineland.

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February 10, 2007

10. Niagara SkyWheel


The Niagara SkyWheel ferris wheel. This is a night photograph of the 183' ferris wheel on Clifton Hill in NIagara Falls. A long exposure and good timing gave this photo a nice effect of motion as the Skywheel came to a stop.

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January 14, 2007

14. The Past


This was the scene in Niagara Falls, February 4, 2005. A little snowy, and a lot of snow. Such a change from what we have here now.

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January 12, 2007

12. Self Portrait


Self portrait shot last summer not too far from Niagara Falls.

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December 28, 2006

28. Hi-Spy


One of the many viewing binoculars at near Niagara Falls.

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November 18, 2006

18. Lower Niagara River


A photo of the Lower Niagara River. This is looking up river toward Niagara Falls from Niagara On The Lake. Visible is the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge amidst a thick blanket of fog.

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November 8, 2006

08. Seneca


The Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls, NY, photographed from the base of Clifton Hill, in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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November 7, 2006

07. Old Police Station


This is part of the old Rosberg's building downtown Niagara Falls.

UPDATE: Thanks to both my Father and Scott who pointed out that this is not the old Rosberg's building, but is in reality the old police station. I know this too, but this shot was mixed in with some shots of the Rosberg's building. My mistake... I apologize for the misguidance.

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November 6, 2006

06. Tower (Litho)


This is another photo processed to be similiar to a high contrast litho print. This is again the Casino Niagara Tower (formerly Kodak Tower) in Niagara Falls.

Maple Leaf Village was a staple of Niagara Entertainment in the 80's. I remember the excitement when we were able to go as a family, then again later when I would start to meet with friends there. I remember being frightened in the tower the first time when I was quite small.

This icon of Niagara is currently a giant billboard for the casino located just off of Clifton Hill where another Ferris wheel has been erected similiar in size to the one that sat in Maple Leaf Village.

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November 5, 2006

05. An Old Observation Tower


This is the top of the old Maple Leaf Village observation tower in Niagara Falls, now Casino Niagara. The observation tower has not been functional since Maple Leaf Village closed. There was talk of tearing it down a few years ago due to safety concerns, but repairs were completed in order for the sign to remain erected. It is now really just a 341' billboard for Casino Niagara.

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October 6, 2006

06. Ribbons of Red


This is the last firework shot I am posting (for now). I have enjoyed the past few shots, a little more on the creative side. I hope everyone else has as well.

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October 5, 2006

05. Dancing


More fireworks from Sunday night. There are fireworks over Niagara Falls each Friday and Sunday throughout the summer extending into the fall, then again in during the Winter Festival of Lights

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October 4, 2006

04. Bursts of Colour


I was out Sunday night with Leanne, Carrie-Lyn and her friend Tom (who is on his first trip here from Europe) viewing Niagara Falls. Tom is a photographer as well so it worked out well that he had an opportunity to photograph Niagara Falls with the lights on AND during a fireworks show.

I had some different ideas for fireworks, one of which you will see tomorrow. This photo is a burst from that show.

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September 8, 2006

08. Niagara Skyline at Dusk


The Niagara Falls Skyline shot as the sun goes down. Niagara Falls is just to the right of this photo, with it's mist rising.

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September 7, 2006

07. Concentric


Out looking for something to shoot, waiting for the sun to set over Niagara Falls, and saw this pattern in the sidewalk.

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August 29, 2006

29. Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower


This is a photo of the American and Bridal Veil Falls taken from the Skylon Tower, in Niagara Falls.

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29. Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower


This is a photo of the American and Bridal Veil Falls taken from the Skylon Tower, in Niagara Falls.

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August 4, 2006

04. Black and White Butterfly


Shot at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

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July 31, 2006

31. Niagara Sunset


This photograph was shot last night while on a bike ride through the Niagara Parks. The new Niagara Skywheel on Clifton Hill is visible just above the horizion.

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July 8, 2006

08. Fireworks


Fourth of July fireworks over Niagara Falls. I was in the middle of a crowd so my vantage point was not the best it could be. I'll shoot them again another time from a different location.

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June 16, 2006

16.Niagara SkyWheel


I was going to post this yesterday, but went with the orchid in light of my 500th post. This is the new Niagara SkyWheel located on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. There are supposed to open tonight. Hopefully, I can get a few images of it lit up soon.

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June 14, 2006

14. Oakes Garden


Sir Harry Oakes was one of the driving forces for tourist development in Niagara Falls and aside from luring the tourists to Niagara Falls, he also gave back to the city. This photo is of Oakes Garden Theater which was recently the location of two episodes of the Live with Regis and Kelly daytime talk show. There is a great view of Niagara Falls from the theater and it is only a 5 minute walk to the further Horsehoe Falls.

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June 13, 2006

13. Taxi Anyone?


Part of the facade of the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum on Clifton Hill. The facade was renovated a couple of years ago as part of a $1 million facelift to the building. I was hoping to do this photograph in black and white, but the sky was pretty bald so I left it in colour.

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June 12, 2006

12. Sheraton


Another Niagara Falls hotel, this is the Sheraton on the Falls, also located at the foot of Clifton Hill.

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June 11, 2006

11. Balconies near Niagara


I have wanted to shoot more around Niagara Falls even though generally the city is not that photogenic. However, the various hotels and attractions provide some nice possibilities for repitition and patterns. This is the Best Western Fallsview on Stanley Avenue.

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June 10, 2006

10. Fountain


This is definately not the falling water Niagara Falls is famous for. This is a fountain in Oakes Garden at the foot of Clifton Hill.

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June 9, 2006

09. Abandoned


Even though I live in Niagara Falls, I don't take that many photos of my community. Over the next couple of days, I will be posting various shots in and around Niagara Falls. Some of Hotels, tourist attractions and the like, and this one. An abandoned building. For the life of me, I can't even remember what it had been.

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May 5, 2006

05. Niagara Falls Skyline at Sunset #2


Another shot taken the other night when out with Dave. This again is the Niagara Falls skyline taken from the waters edge above Niagara Falls. I like this composition better than yesterday's.

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May 4, 2006

04. Niagara Falls Skyline at Sunset


The Niagara Falls skyline at sunset. This shot was takent the other day. Dave and I got down to the water's edge at the upper river to photograph the Falls as the sun was setting. A perfect place to capture the Niagara Falls skyline.

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April 2, 2006

02. Photographing Niagara Falls


I shot Dave, who was shooting Niagara Falls last week. He hates it when I do this.

So, why not review some of my other Dave shots!

Shooting in the brush
Hiding behind a tripod
In a tunnel

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April 1, 2006

01. Bridal Veil Falls


Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls, The most famous is the Horsehoe Falls, sometimes called the Canadian Falls, the American Falls and this, show in pink, Bridal Veil Falls.

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March 31, 2006

31. Green Niagara


This is another shot of the American Falls. This time, the mighty Niagara is illuminated in a hint Green

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March 28, 2006

28. Niagara Falls Skyline


The Niagara Falls Skyline shot from the Maid of the Mist plaza.

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February 15, 2006

15. Moth


A large moth shot at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory.

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February 1, 2006

01. Gears


This is a photo of the underside of an old railway bridge. The bridge spans a local river and would pivot on it's center rather than lifting like other bridges.

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January 6, 2006

06. Going Up


Shot at the Atrium in the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. While cameras are not allowed in the gaming section of the casino, we were not bothered while walking around the public areas and corridors outside of the casino gaming area.

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December 31, 2005

31. Fireworks over Niagara


For those people who have followed my images over various sites, this may be a familiar photo. Fireworks over Niagara. Shot on film many years ago. I thought it was a fitting image for today though.

Happy New Years from Niagara Falls.

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December 22, 2005

22. Self Portrait in a Christmas Ball


This is a self portrait taken looking in a Christmas Ball. I shot it last January at the Niagara Falls Aviary.

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December 15, 2005

15. Self Portraits in a Portrait


This is a shot taken during a much warmer time, this summer. Leanne and I took a trip on the Niagara Helicopters. This was shot there.

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December 8, 2005

08. In Camera


In camera double exposure.

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December 2, 2005

02. Dufferin Islands in the Snow


This is taken overlooking the waterfalls that I showed in a previous shot. The Niagara Parks Commission shuts down the waterflow into the park over the winter for some reason as we see in today's photo.

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November 19, 2005

19. Railing


Taken in a small park across from Queentson Heights, in Niagara Falls.

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October 14, 2005

14. Plaster, Sewer and Drains


While I have been playing around with black and white this week, I also had a renewed interest in slides when I picked some up from the lab. The colours were so vivid! I'll see what I can do about scanning a few shots that I don't otherwise have in digital.

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September 30, 2005

30. Duck and Reflection


This will hopefully be one of the last (if not the last) shots from Dufferin Islands in this series. I am happy with some of the others, others I'd like to reshoot, but I am getting bored of them. It's a good thing my camera came back yesterday! This shot seems a little too busy in the background to me. A shallower depth of field would have been more ideal.

I look forward to shooting and not having the associated costs or in turn, because there is a cost, the associated compression of my freedom to shoot. While I should not let cost govern what I shoot, the reality is, I am more likely to experiment on something if there is no cost associated with it.

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September 28, 2005

28. Upper Niagara River


Upper Niagara River at dusk. The long exposure of the water provides a sense of flow and softness to the water.

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September 27, 2005

27. View From Across the Pond


A view across the Pond at Dufferin Islands.

Last night was the first competition of the year at the Niagara Falls Camera Club. I entered four images and recieved for Diamond awards for them, including a perfect 15 for my image of http://potd.chrisempey.com/archives/2005/07/12_mating.html. You can see the images I http://gallery.chrisempey.com/search.php?search_keywords=competition2005 and their scores at my gallery. Also view the images I entered last year.

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September 25, 2005

25. Reflection


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September 24, 2005

24. Reflections in the Water


Reflections of trees in the water.

I have been working on this site since sometime in January, with it's first posting February 1st. I've posted 235 shots or so from around Niagara Falls, Toronto, London. I have nature shots, portraits and some sports. Some days I find I am not really interested in putting up another image, and some days I find out am not interested in going out to shoot, which was the main goal of the site for me; to get me out more often. But then when I get out there and find a good subject, things all just fall in to place for me. Such was the day when I took this shot.

Dave and I went out and I was looking to shoot because the camera was going into the shop, but not really that into it. But once I started shooting, and everywhere I looked I was seeing different things, the excitement came back all over again.

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September 23, 2005

23. Dufferin Islands


Another shot of Duffering Islands in Niagara Falls.

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September 18, 2005

18. Translucent


Sun shining through maple leaves at Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls.

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September 11, 2005

11. Staircase


I went out this morning with John and Scott. We found a couple of Eastern Tailed Blue's and a Sulphar, but that was about it. Saw a few dragonflies flying as well... looks like the season is almost over for the insects.

All of which has nothing to do with this picture, which is a staircase outside of the abandoned Rosberg's Department store in Niagara Falls.

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September 10, 2005

10. Beams


Another shot from downtown Niagara Falls

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September 9, 2005

09. Downtown Niagara Falls


Dave and I were out shooting downtown last night for a short while. Our goal was the old Police station on Park Street and Zimmerman Avenue and the old Rosberg's department store on Queen Street and Erie Avenue, though I only got one or two shots of that one.

This shot is looking up Erie from Zimmerman. The older buildings and the derelict sign caught my attention. This was one of the first shots before I moved in and grabbed some detail shots of the signs. I wasn't sure how to treat this photo, and came up with three other version I was liked. This was my favourite.

Version 2
Version 3
Version 4

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August 2, 2005

02. Pieces of Wood


A few pieces of driftwood collected from the Whirlpool last week. I made the rock black and white to add a little more depth to the wood which has been worn and smoothed over time by floating and be tossed against other debris and rocks in the churning waters of the whirlpool rapids.

Other shots from this shoot:
Time for a snack - July 27
Birch - July 28
Driftwood - July 29

As I mentioned yesterday, I have gethered my 15 favourite photos of my first 6 months of posting. They can be found at http://potd.chrisempey.com/archives/favourites/1st_6_months/

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July 31, 2005

31. Butterfly


Another butterfly from yesterday's shoot. With so many butterflies at the Conservatory, it is a very great experiance to be there first thing in the morning, but really lacks a lot of the thrill of the hunt of going out and finding them on your own like this shot of a Saddleback Dragonfly, or this one of damselflies mating.

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July 28, 2005

28. Birch


Birch trees in the Niagara Gorge, just south of the Whirlpool Rapids

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July 27, 2005

27. Time for a Snack


While Dave and I were in the Niagara Gorge the other day, these cabbage whites were very abundant. Dave was able to get some nice shots in and I was able to get this female resting on this plant having a snack.

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July 8, 2005

08. A Touch of Orange


This was originally meant to be posted yesterday, but I chose another image instead.

This is the glass dome over the Fallsview Casino and Resort food court. I like the repeating patterns and geometric shapes in this shot, along with the small touches of colour in the two corners.

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June 30, 2005

30. Stream at Duff


Leanne and I were at Dufferin Islands on the weekend, a nature area just up river from Niagara Falls. It is always a little amazing when I see an area like this so close to a developed area like the tourist district in Niagara Falls. There are streams similiar to this running throught the islands, plus a small river with a few water falls. They have done much work in the past few years to naturalize the area, adding bird feeding stations and bird boxes, introducing fish into the waters (with a catch and release program as well) and planting indigenous vegetation in the park.

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June 28, 2005

28. PT Reflections


This is a shot of a PT Cruiser taken in the mirrored hubcap of another PT Cruiser.

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June 27, 2005

27. PT Cruisers


This weekend was the last Cruise The Falls PT Cruiser gathering in Niagara Falls. Held where I work at the Comfort Inn on Clifton Hill, there were 500 or more of the cruisers on property. A lot of them were customized in some sort, from fender flares, after market grilles, custom paint jobs and even suicide doors. The event has been a huge success, raising more than $80,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the past five years.

Leanne and I went down to look at the cruisers as she really likes them. While there, it gave me a start on another pet project I will be doing... Stay tuned for that one.

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June 18, 2005

18. Golden Grasses


I had every intention on shooting today, and even had a few things that I thought we make good subjects. But, as it turns out, I never even brought my camera out (though I had it with me). I am out in the morning again and hopefully will have better luck than I have been having the past few Sunday's.

This photo was shot last year, at sunset, at the School of Horticulture in Niagara Falls. The same place shot from earlier this week were taken.

June 15, 2005
June 16, 2005
June 17, 2005

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May 28, 2005

28. American Falls at Night


This is a photo of Niagara Falls at night. Several years ago the changed the colors of the lights that they project on to the Falls from brighter colours to these softer, more pastel colours. I like the brighter colours from before.

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