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December 19, 2007

19. Balloons


I photograph a couple of Christmas parties every year. Last night was the part for the place I work. In between taking pictures of children sitting with Santa, people playing games and generally having a good time, I also tried to find a few places where I might get something a little more interesting.

I hope this at least is a bit interesting for some of you!

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December 8, 2007

08. Gravestones in the Snow

I have updated my website with a new version of Movable Type. This is my first post and by the looks of it, I will have some work ahead of me getting things to be the way I want.

Over the past month, I have recreated my professional website..http://www.ChrisEmpey.com. I will be updating this one as well as time permits in the coming weeks to reflect the same design changes.

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