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October 21, 2005

21. Katie (again)

f5 1/100 sec

This is Katie again who I I featured earlier in the month. I am not sure which portrait I like better...

Any thoughts on this?

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I think this would look nicer with some warmer light. Are you using a reflector at all?

While your portraits are improving, they still seem a little static. There's nothing about them that makes me want to take a second look.

Posted by: Sarah at October 22, 2005 1:19 PM

Actually, after taking a closer look at the photo, I believe you did use a reflector. I can see the gold highlighting on the side of her face, and in her hair. It's just needs something more...

I'd like to see you experiment more with different poses, and maybe a little less smiling. Some of the most beautiful portraits I've seen were of people looking quite solemn. (But happy is good as well:)

Also, sometimes (I know not all the time)the more beautiful, the more photogenic. All these girls are quite pretty. I think the key is being able to make even an average, not-made-up model look beautiful. It's all about angels, lighting, and direction. You're the creator of your art. Tell them how to move, how to look, what mood you're going for, express how the photograph appears in your mind before you attempt the shot.

If you can close your eyes and imagine the perfect photo, then I believe you'll be able to create it. You know all the technical requirements to achieve a certain look. Now, get in touch with your artistic side.

Posted by: Sarah at October 22, 2005 11:01 PM

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