Jan 012009

A New Dawn

The sun peaks over the horizon on a late December morning. Photographed over Lake Erie, this picture shows the sun just rising over the horizon and being reflected in the water on a beach near Fort Erie.

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Jul 142008

Waiting to Take Flight

A butterfly sits perched atop a piece of dewy grass awaiting to take flight after a night’s rest. I converted this photo to black and white in Photoshop then added back in the orange from the butterfly’s wings.  This was done for a Facebook competition. i will post the full colour version tomorrow.

Jun 252008

Watching The Sunset

I shot this group of three people on the end of the peer across from the cottage I was staying at on my recent trip to the Bruce Peninsula.  There was a thunderstorm approaching from the south and the rest of the sky was lit up in this amazing wash of red.  I thought the placement of the people against the dramatic sky would yield a nice photograph.   We did not get to shoot too much longer as the rain came and we hurried into the cottage.

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