Jan 082010

The Tiny Ram's Head Lady Slipper

The is the second of two Ram’s Head Lady Slippers I am posting. We were lucky that these were growing under a tree near the trail where we were able to access them without disturbing the environment they were growing in. How small is small? Take a look at this.

Technical Info:    
Cam & Lens   Canon EOS 5D Mark II & EF180mm f/3.5L Macro USM     Shutter:   1/25 s
Create Date:   2009:06:19 14:36:56     Aperture:   f/18.0
Focal Length   180 mm     ISO:   100
Copyright Info:   Copyright (C) 2009 Chris Empey Photography (Photographer)

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Jan 032010

Sunrise on Erie

Technical Info:    
Cam & Lens   Canon EOS 40D & EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM     Shutter:   1/60 s
Create Date:   2009:01:04 08:26:06     Aperture:   f/4.0
Focal Length   24 mm     ISO:   100
Copyright Info:   Copyright (C) 2008 Chris Empey Photography (Photographer)

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Jan 202009

Morning Graze

A white tail deer looks up during a morning graze in Letchworth State Park.

Technical Info:    
Cam & Lens   Canon EOS 40D & EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM     Shutter:   1/50 s
Create Date:   2008:10:13 08:17:48     Aperture:   f/2.8
Focal Length   200 mm     ISO:   100
Copyright Info:   Copyright (C) 2008 Chris Empey Photography (Photographer)

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Jul 082008

Poppies Looking to the Sun

This is a bit of a landmark image for me, photo #1000. I started this photo blog on February 1st, 2005 (after having previously displayed my images on another one of my sites for several years) with a photo of a Silver Cheeked Hornbill and posted daily up until a little while back.

Today’s photo, shot on my recent trip to the Bruce Peninsula with Scott is of poppies growing wild along the roadside. I am sure they had been part of a garden at one time, but the area appears to be overgrown now.

I hope to continue daily posting.  It does get tiring at times, and sometimes I need a little inspiration to put up a new photo.  I can’t say I will make another 1000 photos but I will give it a shot. The important thing is not to stop.  After a while, it almost becomes an addiction.

I haven’t done a good job up so far of advertising it, but many of my images here are available for sale but I hope to have that rectified shortly.

Jun 272008

A slow shutter photo of Hoggs Falls.

A slow shutter photo of Hoggs Falls.  This was shot at ISO 100, 1 sec exposure and f22 with the use of a polarizer.  The polarizer was partially to reduce the glare on the water but mostly because I could use it slow the water down one and a half to two stops (the difference between 1 sec and 1/4 second exposure).

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