Jul 072008

Dee Cernile
My brother James, and I went to Arizona’s Taps and Grill on the weekend to see Sven Gali play live.  We’ve been fans of the band since the late 80’s when they started playing local clubs.  I first saw them close to 20 years ago when they were playing a local cultural center, long before I was old enough to get into the clubs. The band had split up for some time in late 90’s and reunited last year for one show.  This summer they are back playing at least three shows.

Like my recent previous concert shots, this photo of Dee Cernile was shot with the Canon G9.  The camera has been great so far.  A little noisy in low light situations like this (especially above ISO 400) but still usable. Converted to black and white, great looks.  I like the tradional concert photo look of this one.

Jun 302008

Fish Plays live at the Mod Club in Toronto

I was in Toronto last night to see Fish in concert live at the Mod Club.  Previously the lead singer of Marillion, I have been a fan of Fish and Marillion since I was about 12.  I missed him last time he was here, about 10 years ago, so would not miss him this time.  I worked my way to the front of the stage where I was able to get in a few good photos of him.

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Jun 292008

Gord Lewis of Teenage Head Plays Live

Taking a break today to post some concert photos.  My friend Julie and I went to the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie and watched The Spoons, Helix and Teenage Head play. This is a photo of Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis.

Tonight I will be in Toronto to see Fish so hopefully will have some shots from that show to put up as well.

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