Jul 152008

This is the full colour version of yesteday’s photo which I had converted to black and white except for the orange in the buttefly’s wing.

I found this butterfly on this piece of grass just beside the car. We were parked on the side of the road where we had stopped to photograph Lubilia. I am sure he was there when we parked and I missed him. Definitely one of those lucky finds!

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Jul 142008

Waiting to Take Flight

A butterfly sits perched atop a piece of dewy grass awaiting to take flight after a night’s rest. I converted this photo to black and white in Photoshop then added back in the orange from the butterfly’s wings.  This was done for a Facebook competition. i will post the full colour version tomorrow.

Jul 082008

Poppies Looking to the Sun

This is a bit of a landmark image for me, photo #1000. I started this photo blog on February 1st, 2005 (after having previously displayed my images on another one of my sites for several years) with a photo of a Silver Cheeked Hornbill and posted daily up until a little while back.

Today’s photo, shot on my recent trip to the Bruce Peninsula with Scott is of poppies growing wild along the roadside. I am sure they had been part of a garden at one time, but the area appears to be overgrown now.

I hope to continue daily posting.  It does get tiring at times, and sometimes I need a little inspiration to put up a new photo.  I can’t say I will make another 1000 photos but I will give it a shot. The important thing is not to stop.  After a while, it almost becomes an addiction.

I haven’t done a good job up so far of advertising it, but many of my images here are available for sale but I hope to have that rectified shortly.

Jun 282008

Rocks along the beach on Georgian Bay

Rocks along the beach on Georgian Bay.  This was shot with my new Canon G9 I had been looking at them for a while as I wanted a good camera I can carry around with me without always having to take my SLR and assortment of lenses.  The G9 has full capability, a Canon Digic III sensor and will sync to my existing Canon flashes if I need it too.  In the words of Monty Burns… Excellent!

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Jun 272008

A slow shutter photo of Hoggs Falls.

A slow shutter photo of Hoggs Falls.  This was shot at ISO 100, 1 sec exposure and f22 with the use of a polarizer.  The polarizer was partially to reduce the glare on the water but mostly because I could use it slow the water down one and a half to two stops (the difference between 1 sec and 1/4 second exposure).

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Jun 242008

Caledon Badlands

I spent a few days on the Bruce Peninsula last week photographing wild orchids, sunsets and other nice things.  On the way up, Scott and I stop at a couple of waterfalls along the way and this spot, the Caledon (or Cheltenham) Badlands.

Over the next little while I expect to post images from that trip.  Photos of Yellow Lady Slippers, Grass Pink Orchids, Showy Lady Slippers, sunsets, and waterfalls. Maybe a self portrait as well!

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Jun 152008

Crescent Spot on Foxtail

This is the first butterfly I’ve shot of the season. This is a Crescent Spot and is perched upon a piece of foxtail barley. In order to get photos like this I am getting up a little before 4:00 am in order to get to the location and be ready to shoot just after the sun has risen.

A couple of tips on early morning photography may be read at http://potd.chrisempey.com/tips/archives/2007/08/very_early_morning_photography.php.

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Jun 122008


f16 2.5 sec

This was shot a little while ago just outside of St. Catharines, Ontario.  Shooting early in the morning when the light levels are still low let me capture this with a long shutter speed to exaggerate the motion of the water.

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Jun 072008

Hepatica in the Spring

I shot this while out with my father a while back.  Hepatica is one of the earlier wildflowers to bloom in my area. About the same time as Dutchman’s Breeches and before the Trilliums are up.  This was found protected under a fallen tree.

Other photos of Hepatca can be found here, Dutchman’s Breeches here and Trilliums here.

On another note, I have been using WordPress for a week now and am still working on getting it to behave how I would like it to.  If you have experienced any errors or have any comments, please fill out the comment form and let me know.

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