Jan 142009

Dewey Web

A spider web is covered in early morning dew in this end of August photo.

Technical Info:    
Cam & Lens   Canon EOS 40D & EF180mm f/3.5L Macro USM     Shutter:   1/13 s
Create Date:   2008:08:31 06:49:49     Aperture:   f/4.5
Focal Length   180 mm     ISO:   100
Copyright Info:   Copyright (C) 2008 Chris Empey Photography (Photographer)

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Jan 142009

Dragon Fly on Birdsfoot Trefoil

This is a dragon fly resting on a piece of Birdsfoot Trefoil.  Photographed early in the morning, the dragonfly and flower are still covered in dew.  It is hard to see in this size, but I am picking up reflections of the sky in the dew drops.

This photo was obviously not shot recently :)   I will be mixing recent photos along with photos from last year that did not get post, though should have during my bouts of non posting. Feel free to comment on some of the photos.

Technical Info:    
Cam & Lens   Canon EOS 40D & EF180mm f/3.5L Macro USM     Shutter:   1/4 s
Create Date:   2008:08:16 07:14:52     Aperture:   f/16.0
Focal Length   180 mm     ISO:   100
Copyright Info:   Copyright (C) 2008 Chris Empey Photography (Photographer)

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Jan 122009


Scott found this Fritillary one morning late last summer while out shooting.  With it’s wings closed we could see he was a little beaten up. It wasn’t until he had warmed up enough to spread his wings that I saw just how bad he really was.

The second butterfly Scott found was in much better shape.

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Jan 052009

Morning Rays

This photo, shot on the same day as the previous three photo, seemingly shows rays of light streaming from the clouds. I did this using a long exposure and zooming the lens at the end of the exposure without adjusting focus. I do not remember if I zoomed in or out. I also used this technique on a previous photo (

Photos shot the same day:
A New Dawn
Sunday Morning on the Lake
Incoming Storm

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Jan 032009

Morning Storm

While I was out with Scott and John not too long ago, we were standing around talking when we noticed the storm that was off in the distance now much closer. I had time to quickly walk to my camera, spin around and get off this one photo of the storm coming in. This was the start of rain and extremely high winds. There was also and almost immediate 10 degree drop in the temperature.

Jan 012009

A New Dawn

The sun peaks over the horizon on a late December morning. Photographed over Lake Erie, this picture shows the sun just rising over the horizon and being reflected in the water on a beach near Fort Erie.

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Dec 162008

Sunrise over Buffalo

The sun has not yet risen over the clouds in this early morning photograph. One of the first snowfalls of the season where we could take some decent photos with the snow but the light, while nice for a short period, did only last a short period.

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Jul 222008

Stroke Stroke

One of the places we often stop is along a canal where they hold rowing races. Most of the time we may see crews practicing but occasionally luck out and catch a race. This crew (and their lovely reflection) were practicing early on a Sunday morning not too long ago.

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