Jul 062008

Sunset at Oliphant

We shot most of our sunsets sunsets at Oliphant, not far from where we were staying. Some were very nice, others a little more plain. This one was one of the more dramatic sunsets of our recent trip. I like the S-Curve leading out to the lake.

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  5 Responses to “06. Dramatic Sunset at Oliphant”

  1. I too like the S-curve which makes a fine reflective foreground element under that fabulous sky. Top flight shot!

  2. Thanks Don. I clicked over to your site and you have a fantastic sunrise shot today.

  3. I like this pic Chris. It almost looks like my beach pic.

  4. Close but about 100 times better! I might even be able to produce a panorama incorporating this shot.

    Thanks Julie.

  5. That is a beautiful sunset, very much like fire in the sky!


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