Jun 202008

This is a photo of a hanging basket taken at the Niagara Falls Camera Club outing this past week, where several of my images of the Niagara Skywheel were taken along with yesterday’s self portrait.  This is a gimicky technique of using a long shutter speed and zooming the lens during the exposure.  I think it works well for this photo as the Tivoli lights are obviously showing the zoom but many of the other objects still seem to be stationary.

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  1. […] This photo, shot on the same day as the previous three photo, seemingly shows rays of light streaming from the clouds. I did this using a long exposure and zooming the lens at the end of the exposure without adjusting focus. I do not remember if I zoomed in or out. I also used this technique on a previous photo (http://potd.chrisempey.com/2008/06/20/20-zoom-zoom/). […]


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