Jun 092008

Lightning illuminates the sky over my neighbours house

Lightning illuminates the sky over my neighbours house in an evening thunderstorm last night.  A tornado watch and severe storm warning were issued for the Niagara area though the storm where I am was really not that bad.

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  1. Fantastic picture!! Picture details please. ;-)

  2. Thanks Simon.

    This was shot on a tripod. It is composed of two images. The shot stayed in register because of the tripod and the exposure was the same for both images.

    ISO 400
    1/8 second exposure

    Because the exposure was the same, I simply dropped one image on top of the other and using a soft, large brush erased part of the top image to let the bottom show through.

    At lot of lightning shots are done using a long exposure to capture multiple flashes but with the wind the movement of the trees would have been distracting so I went with the multiple image technique.

  3. cool

  4. Thank you :)


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