Feb 262007


I have been away at the NFRCC annual convention for the past couple of days. While there, two of the four prints I had in for competition received honourable mentions. Also, I was awarded the Dorothy Sharpe Award for service to the club. This is the first posting I have done in few days. I will get back on schedule shortly.

This of course is a self portrait as well.

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  3 Responses to “26. Breaking Out”

  1. I like this. Now that I have you where I want you …

  2. Hi Chris, This is a brilliant self portrait!! I look forward to seeing how this is done once you complete your digital dark room post processing work flow series in your Tip of the Week [hint, hint :-) ] Stefan

  3. Ha ha, I cheated with this one. I actually stuck my body into an actual frame, shot against a black background (white would have been better) then in PS deleted the background around and below the frame and around my body. I then applied a shadow to add depth to the image. Thanks for asking Stefan.


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