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Today marks two years since I first started posting my images here. 730 days, 730 images. Some times the images came easy, others not so easy. The initial reason for the site was to provide further incentive for me to get out and shoot.

This image, one of my self portraits, is a composite image made up of all of the 730 images I have posted over the past two years. This particular image is based upon Self Portrait #6. A larger version of the composite can be viewed here.

Some stats for the past two years worth of images:

730 Images
107 Black and White Images
97 Macro entries
61 Photos of the Niagara Falls Area
55 Portraits
107 Photos categorized as Scenery
217 Nature photos which include:     
  43 Flowers
  55 Insects
    18    Butterflies
     4     Damselflies
   11     Dragonflies
   20     Misc. Insects

On top of that,  I have had a little over 60,000 unique visitors to the site from 121 different countries with 1,681,853 hits and 94.84 GB of traffic. 

I have also started writing a weekly digital photography tip. I now have 69 tips online (http://potd.chrisempey.com/tips

Today's image was produced with AndreaMosaic.


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  1. Congratulations! You have posted many, many remarkable photos. You are extremely talented and should be proud of this 2 year accomplishment.


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