Oct 152006

f22 2.5 sec

This is one of the views downstream from Decew Falls at Morningstar Mill in St. Catharines. We’ve been to the mill many times before but this was the first time we made the trek down to the bottom.

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  1. Lovely milky water and great composition too. Makes me wonder how far it is down to here from the mill and therefore how far you had to lug the tripod.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rob. It really wasn’t very far, 10 minutes across mostly level ground then maybe another 10 minutes down to the stream. I just wished I had brought my smaller pack… have to remember I don’t need ALL of my equipment with me all the time.

    The waterfall at the mill is listed as 72 feet, so my guess is we are probably looking at 100′ from top to bottom where we were shooting.

  3. I find this shot to be very tranquil and serene.

  4. Thank you. Flowing water photos usually do help convey that feeling.


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