May 102006

f4 1/125 sec

Back to the wildflowers. This is a wild geranium bud. It was a frosty May morning, and as the frost melted created the great droplets of dew. I wish that I had photographed the frost on the leaves. There was some wild strawberry plants nearby as well that we covered in a beautiful frost.

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  One Response to “10. Geranium Bud”

  1. Life Touch

    Day is being filled by
    As a grace of morning sun
    On melting droplets
    of the frost pink petals

    Life runs in silence quietly
    And you reserve the life
    an unexpectable time
    that you weave

    You are the colour
    You are the light
    But more than this
    You are the great heart
    that heals the spirits
    By keeping its own secret

    12 September, 2006

    Thank you Chris Empey, your flowers are so beautiful.

    with my love,


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