Apr 212006

f8 1/160 sec

Golden grasses in a blue pond.

 April 21, 2006  Posted by at 8:46 am April 2006, Nature  Add comments

  7 Responses to “21. Golden Grasses”

  1. This is a beautiful shot.
    I spent a while looking at yoru other images – brilliant work!

  2. I love the way it takes a few seconds to figure out what this is. I looked over some of your other images, as well. I have done a few winter lake surface shots and love what I have seen. I can relate to the beauty that you see.

  3. Chris:

    Great work. Good comp. Complimentary colours rock…Very interested in print. Tried to email you `bout an earlier shot I liked, no reply. You selling or what?

  4. great photo. The water is so still it is really amazing.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  6. Chris Empey,

    Golden grass in blue… So beautiful! But not only this one, your all works are so beautiful, really I fall in love with them. You are writing a poem with your camera, how nice to embrace the world in all these beautiful shots,
    Thank you for sharing with us, with world,
    best wishes,
    love from Istanbul,

  7. Thank you Nia. You words are appreciated very much.


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