Mar 092006

f9 1/320 sec

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  7 Responses to “09. Icicles”

  1. WOW – Really nice. I love the black & white and the way you took the pic of the icles. Good job!

  2. Amazing picture, I love it !

  3. Thank you. A little dark on the left for my liking though, maybe a little to be cropped off.

  4. Astonishing.

  5. Thanks Justin.

  6. Dear Chris,

    Would it be all right to use this image as the cover for Issue 2 of my online literary journal, Willows Wept Review? I’ve put it up so you can see how I’d use it, but if you want me to take it down I’ll do so immediately. If you’re interested, would you please send along a brief bio for the contributor’s page?

    Thanks so much, either way.

    All best,

    P.S. I found it by googling “black and white icicles”.

    • Hello Molly,

      You are free to use the image providing you include credit and a link, and providing the site does not charge a fee, either for readers or contributors.


      Chris Empey began his interest in photography more than twenty years ago. Though a portrait and wedding photographer (, Chris also enjoys nature photography, a passion for which he has one several awards. Chris’ personal work may be viewed at Chris is currently the President of the Niagara Falls Camera Club.


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