Mar 062006


Sunrise on Lake Erie, Sunday morning.

 March 6, 2006  Posted by at 1:38 pm March 2005, Nature, Scenery  Add comments

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  1. Hi Chris:

    What was your f-stop for the picture? I’m assuming that you were stopped down and used the tripod.


  2. Oops! I meant to ask what the shutter speed was. The f5.6 gave you a great depth of field.

  3. This is a montage of two shots, the first at 1/50 and the second at 1/200. They were combined in post in order to achieve a proper exposure throughout the photo.

  4. Gorgeous Chris. I love the snow’s curves and the sky’s colour. I wouldn’t mind this printed and hanging up in my room. What time was this taken?

  5. Thank you for the compliment Justin. It was shot at 6:45 Sunday morning.


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