Jan 272006

f5 1/60 sec

Three stone diamond engagement ring, illuminated with strobe bounced above with pin lighting from fiber optic strands. The white gold band is thrown out of focus by the shallow depth of field of the macro lens at f5.0.

 January 27, 2006  Posted by at 6:54 pm Black and White, January 2006, Macro  Add comments

  7 Responses to “27. Three”

  1. And who’s is that?

  2. This is Leanne’s!

  3. Congratulations! Very nice, I’m sure she’ll like it.

  4. It’s beautiful. But for the real question, did you take the photo before you proposed or after?

  5. Ver nice ;)

  6. See I did go back and look. Lovely!

  7. just browsing around ….. wow, fibre optics!


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