Nov 082005

f5.6 1/160 sec

In keeping with my attempts to recreate the infrared look, I dug around through some older images last night and found this one that was suitable for transformation. I think it is missing a subject, but the look is what I was after.

I posted this originally back in May, in colour. You can see that here.

 November 8, 2005  Posted by at 9:12 am Black and White, Nature, November 2005, Scenery  Add comments

  4 Responses to “08. Clouds in the Sky”

  1. The B&W image looks much nicer than the coloured one. I think the clouds jump out much more than they did before. The sheer contrast between the white clouds and almost black sky create a focal point. The tree on the left is slightly distracting, but nice work.

  2. I love this photo Chris. I do not think it needs a subject at all. It is very enlightening.

  3. Glad to see you are making good use of that CD. I love the power and emotion of the sky.

  4. Thanks Justin.


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