Oct 292005

f11 1/15 sec

I love Freezies and eat them in large quantities, summer or winter… usually until my tongue is numb and I can’t really taste them anymore. I was trying to figure out what I can shoot tonight to post when Leanne suggested the tasty treat! I will probably experiment with some frozen ones later.

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  3 Responses to “29. Freezies”

  1. This is an outstanding shot you’ve accomplished. I really like the feeling of the light being omniluscent. Did you light it from underneath?

  2. Thanks Justin. I did light from below. I placed the freezies on my light box and shot into that. Exposure was difficult. Exposed on the light box, then increased 2 stops to get it to white.. Still should have gone another 1/2 stop or so though.

  3. Very Creative…Although I guess Leanne gets credit as well:)


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