Sep 242005

f5.6 1/13 sec

Reflections of trees in the water.

I have been working on this site since sometime in January, with it’s first posting February 1st. I’ve posted 235 shots or so from around Niagara Falls, Toronto, London. I have nature shots, portraits and some sports. Some days I find I am not really interested in putting up another image, and some days I find out am not interested in going out to shoot, which was the main goal of the site for me; to get me out more often. But then when I get out there and find a good subject, things all just fall in to place for me. Such was the day when I took this shot.

Dave and I went out and I was looking to shoot because the camera was going into the shop, but not really that into it. But once I started shooting, and everywhere I looked I was seeing different things, the excitement came back all over again.

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