Sep 082005

f6.7 1/350 sec

The 1.6 multiplier effect of the digital sensor on my 10D allows me to crop in tightly to shots I would not normally be able to get. This photo of an elephant at the Toronto Zoo would have needed to be taken with a 480mm lens, which is too rich for my pocketbook! However, I really do miss the wide angle shots that I can’t get with my current lenses.

I was looking at my old Pentax ESII last night, for which I have a very wide 21mm, and some very nice prime lenses… I may have to shoot some film soon!

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  4 Responses to “08. A Little Wrinkly”

  1. YAY! Texture, great shot! The detail is fantastic.

  2. I really think this shot is amazing. I feel like I am the closest I’ll ever be to a very beautiful mammal. Great JOB!!

  3. Hi Chris – all your photos are really good but you seem to really like butterflies, insects, etc. Have you submitted to nature magazines? Where do you find all the butterflies? Where do you go to find out their names? Y.

  4. I have not yet submitted to any magazines. I find them with two friends who have been shooting them for a long time. Lately it has been the Wainfleet Bog, but we will stop along the road to examine fields of wildflowers and weeds near water sources such as streams. We also watch for host plants (such as milkweed for some butterflies) and examine those areas. I get the names from the two other guys I shoot with.


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