Sep 042005

f5.6 1/500 sec

This was shot later in the day. I had to hunt this one down, and then slowly move up on it to keep it from flying away.

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  1. As always, these types of shots are really good. I’m sure they are also favourites among other visitors to the site. However, I’d love to see more landscapes, textures, scenery, maybe some abstract, etc. Are you thinking of expanding your portfolio to include more diverse photography?

  2. I think if you look at the site, you will see there is a fairly diverse set of images. There are a lot of dragonflies and butterflies now as it is the season for them. As I have time to shoot other subjects, I do. I am sure in the winter, there will be a lot of snow scenes (who am I kidding, I live in Niagara Falls, there will be a lot of slush scenes.) I really don’t have a set area of interest, I shoot whatever is appealing to me at the time, or what my time allows. As the weather starts to turn foul, I will do more abstract and texture images as I won’t want to be out in the cold so much! Thanks for viewing and thanks for all of the continued comments.

  3. I figured it is the season for insects (hence many photos of them in a row). But I haven’t looked at each photo in every category yet.

    You’ll have to post many different types of shots in the coming seasons to remind us of home!:)


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