Aug 262005

f22 6 sec

Lights on midway rides are some of my favourite subjects to shoot.

Leanne and I went to the Ex this week. While there, I took a few shots of some of the rides as the sun was going down; Magic Hour so they say. The sky that night was menacing which provided a perfect backdrop for these images.

June 10, 2005 – Typhoon
June 11 – Typhoon#2
February 22, 2005 – Carousel

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  1. Hi Chris –

    I’ve been checking out your site on a regular basis from out here in Vancouver, and really like the work you do. I just made my daily posting on my site, an image of the midway at the Pacific National Exhibition (our “Ex” out west) and then jumped over to your site to find, to my surprise and delight, a similar posting. Thought I’d take the oppoprtunity of today’s coincidence to say hi and that I enjoy your work.

  2. Shooting at Night, Part 1

    Night photography poses some challenges for the photographer. Unlike during the daylight when light levels are high, shooting in low light requires some different techniques and equipment


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