Jul 072005

f4.5 1/20 sec

This is a photo I took last September when Leanne and I visited her sister in London, England. I had planned on posting a different image, but in light of today’s terrorist attacks in London, choose this instead.

Carrie and her friends are all okay, though one of the blasts happened only a block from where Carrie works. It is a shame there are people in this world who think that attacks on innocent civilians will further their politcal or religious movements. As I post this, there have been 45 deaths, over 300 serious injuries and total injuries totalling more than 1000.

I believe this shot is of the Piccadilly Circus Tube station (subway) though I can’t remember for certain.

I thought this image found at Metroblogging London was fitting.

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  1. Good choice. People that Nathan and I work with have friends and reliatives in London, and we have friends as well. Thankfully, they are all okay, though things are in quite a state of disarray as can be expected.

    ~Our condolences to all persons injured or killed…The rest of the world is hurting with you~


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