Jul 042005

f13 1/5 sec

This was the only salvageable shot from yesterday. Manual focus and a diopter adjustment our of whack do not play well together. I am very disappointed as the sunbursts coming off of the water drops on both the grass and the damselfly are amazing.

 July 4, 2005  Posted by at 10:49 am Damselflies, Insects, July 2005, Macro, Nature  Add comments

  4 Responses to “04. Blue Damselfly”

  1. I think it is a good shot regardless of what was “out of whack.”;) The only thing I may have done was enhance the blues and greens and increase the contrast between them both. Otherwise, I think it’s great.

  2. She looks as though she is wearing a beautiful diaphanous gown. “Alien girl goes to the ball”

  4. Thanks Art. It does belong to me and I have contact Photoblog requested they remove the image from their servers.



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