Jun 242005

f22 10 sec

Dave and I were out tonight shooting around the new Niagara Fallsview Casino and Resort. Dave spent two years as part of the crew building the casino so he was pretty excited to be shooting it. I took quite a few shots… this was my very last one. I haven’t even looked at my other card yet to see what else I have got, though what I saw in the viewfinder seemed promising. I may package some of them together in a small gallery.

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  1. Photography Challenge Websites

    As an amateur photographer who likes to compete with my work, I have been a member of a few websites where I can compete with my photography, or show it off. http://Photosig.com has a very large member base that allows me to present my work to a group…

  2. Very good reading. Peace until next time.

  3. Shooting at Night, Part 3

    Using flash for night photography can be helpful, but usually only for illuminating near subjects. The built in flash on cameras are only powerful enough to effectively light a subject up to 20 feet away at best.


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