May 012005

f16 1/100 sec, 1/15 sec

This was shot this morning on the shore of Lake Erie. A friend of mine from the Niagara Falls Camera Club has invited me out with him and another friend to shoot. They do this most weekends. My work shedule does not allow that, but I’ll be going usually every other weekend shooting a variety of subjects including wild flowers, insects, sunrises and landscapes.

5:30 comes very early in the morning for me!

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  5 Responses to “01. Port Colborne Sunrise”

  1. What do you think caused that green….Dot? It doesn’t quite look like a flare. It almost looks like it has movement. There’s a trail behind it.

  2. It is definately flare. The trail you are seeing is really just a piece of grass.

  3. Hmm…Not the piece of grass. I used my magnifier in XP photoviewer as well as photoshop, and it just doesn’t sem to have all the characteristics of a flare. But that’s okay. What camera were you using?

  4. This is a very low res image, as are all the shots on this website, about .2 MP.

    This was shot with a Canon 10D, Canon 28-80 EF USM II lens at 28mm in RAW format.

  5. I believe the green dot and flare is a fire fly in motion, that was caught on film at the time th poto was taken


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