Mar 232005

f20 20 secs

I was still sick yesterday. I spent a lot of the day with Leanne in Hamilton, where I happened to have been born this day, 31 years ago.

As I am still sick, no new photo. I have some ideas, just not the energy to shoot with. Too bad, because it was such a beautiful day I am sure I would have found some nice shots in the Niagara Gorge.

This is another macro of the saw blade from my father’s jigsaw currently on loan for house repairs.

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  2 Responses to “23. Sawblade”

  1. Happy Birthday Chris…sorry I gave you “the bug”
    Hope you are feeling somewhat better.


  2. Hey !!!!!!! What’s going on? Or should I say What’s not going on? Where’s today’s picture?
    Just ’cause you’re sick is no ‘cuse


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