Mar 022005

f14 1/2 sec

Another shot from the other night. I have some other Gerbera shots from a previous shoot (red ones) that turned out nice as well.

 March 2, 2005  Posted by at 6:00 am March 2005  Add comments

  5 Responses to “02. Gerbera”

  1. Very nice. Where are the red ones?

  2. I will post them along with some of the others from this shoot in the flowers section of my gallery.

  3. Egy nagyon szep kep nekem! :)

  4. I believe Emo’s comment translate to “one very nice image for you”.

    Thank you! or, k

  5. Those are one of my favourite types of flower.. but I like the really offensive pink ones the best ^_^
    Ver. nice :)


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