Feb 172005

f3.5 1/160 sec

Again, taken in Toronto, the shot itself was uninteresting in colour. I’ve created the bluish Duotone and played with levels a little bit to add some depth. Still not sure if I like it.

As for the house, I have over 100 new holes in my walls courtesy of the insulators yesterday.

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  2 Responses to “17. Ornamental Iron”

  1. your work is wonderful – I would like to see more one day when I take a break from work! I truly love photography myself. Have never been trained in it- just love to paint and always see my next painting through the camera lense – so everywhere I go I like to have my little digital camera in my purse or pocket. One day hope to take some courses on how to take best advantage of my little 7.2 digital Sony. I work for a company from Italy who manufactures forged hammered ornamental iron components – this is how I came across your website – and was very impressed – so thank you for the treat! Karen

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comment. It’s great that you already have a background in paint. So many leading photographers have emerged from a traditional artistic background and we (photographers) have borrowed so many rules from painting.

    I hope you keep viewing and good luck with your own photography. It is a wonderful hobby.


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